Some-sort-of e-Shop ...err.. or not

Trapped in this distorted era, I cannot even minor-create a piece of ration to sate my stomach. With my fingers crossed, I wish Sherilith's eShop could provide some means.

Shame to admit, I possess two fatal weaknesses. I am lazy and I love my own creations too much. Handicraft takes a long time to form from a concept to the final product. I am a bit on the conservative side concerning the supply of merchandise. To be honest, it is more of a place to share my process of creation. I might call it as tutorial just to ease and suit the search engines. What it really does is to show some hobbies and interests of mine.


   Making of Pixiu

   Making of Arowana




   Tiger Head


   Lion Head

   Little Bird

   Shepherd Dog

   Baby Rottweiler

   Corrupted Angel

   Goldfish Setting


   A Word on Stereoscopy

   Pixiu Anaglyph

   Pixiu Stereoscopy

   Tiger Head Stereoscopy

   Owl Stereoscopy

   Lion Head Stereoscopy

   Oriental White Eyes Stereoscopy

   Shepherd Dog Stereoscopy

   Baby Rottweiler Stereoscopy

   Bulldog Stereoscopy

   Bulldog Staring Back Anaglyph


   A Word on Maille

   Byzantine 3-connectors

   Byzantine 4 in 1

   European 4 in 1

   Japanese 4 in 1

   Japanese 6 in 1

   Full Persian

   Byzantine Bracelet

   European Weave Choker

   Dragonscale Bracelet


   Red-tail Arowana

   Cute Lunar Beast

   Big Tooth

   Small Denture

   Paint a Cat

   Metal Effect

   Snack Shop Logo

Game Capture

   Shinobido Homura (PSP)

   Prince of Persia Rival Swords (PSP)

   Monster Hunter Portable (PSP)

   Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (PSP)

   Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 (PC)

Freeware/Open Source Program

   Wagic the Homebrew (Multi-Platform)

   Pro Pilkki 2 (PC)

   Computer Graphic