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Wagic the Homebrew (Multi-Platform)

Wagic the Homebrew is an open source Trading Card Game simulation that is available on many platforms.
It is highly customizable and allows you to create your own cards and mods.

Official download site:

Version I am using at the moment of writing is 0.17.1 (PC and PSP).

Go to the webpage and grab the version for your device (PSP/iOS/Android/Windows/Linux/Megoo).

After unzipping, you will get the license claim, brief version readme and a pdf manual aside the main program folder.
Run the Wagic executable at least once, and it will create a User folder where you can put customizable stuff later.

Let's have a quick look at the keys for navigation below and we will jump into the program.

Default Key Mapping for PC Version

   Note 01: Let there be Image!  

   Note 02: Wallpaper  

I am still working on this supplimentary note.....

More to come!

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