A Tale to Tell

Sherilith was a grey elf mage born in Leuthilspar, many many years ago. Sweet memories of the old Sojourn still linger around. Like all places, the magical land lives through different stages and periods. The current epoch is TorilMUD which is embracing a brighter coming of Toril 2.0 of complex adventure, heroism and magic.

Just in case you wonder what MUD is? Multiple User Dungeon is a kind of long-lived text-based online game. Players login and could, with a little help of imagination, immerse themselves in different themes and virtual worlds.

As a good start, we have the support from Lilithelle of the Shadows of Imphras guild. She has worked out the land map of TorilMUD. Though it is just a small potion of her incomparable knowledge, the map shared by her here is of great value indeed.

From Dornax, the first leader of Shadows of Imphras:
"Rising from the ashes of ages long past under the banner of tolerance and freedom rises a band of fearsome warriors of both strength and magic to honor a long dead King, but to prove he has not been forgotten. Imphras, a war captain of the city-state Lyrabar, united several other neighboring city-states under the kingdome of Impiltur. Imphras went on to bring prominence to the land, and even managed to fend off the hobgoblin hordes from the Giantspire Mountains that had constantly ravaged the countryside. Imphras' blood line is still in power today, and The Lords of Imphras II, twelve in number, are the protectors of the realm of Impiltur. However, the lands need more guidance and protection as well as knowledge of the acts of King Imphras, and in that regard, his Shadows will strive to make it so."

We are waiting for Sojourners to share their role-play stories and experiences.


   Land Map of TorilMUD --- Lilithelle, 06/2007


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