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Computer Graphic Freeware

Blender (Multi-Platform)

"Blender is 3D creation for everyone, free to use for any purpose."
This great program has been around for quite a while. And it is getting more and more powerful.
Better still, it is fully portable!

Official download site: (29 April 2013)

Version I am using at the moment of writing is 2.66a (PC).

Muvizu:Play (PC)

"The easiest & fastest way to tell stories with animation."
Their motto is: "Direct, donĀ“t animate."
This is absolutely a fun program. The package provides you with scenes which you might be able to customize.
More importantly, they provide you with characters that act. That is why you direct but not animate.
The level of personally-introduced-casts there is limited. This is a tiny setback.
Another minor catch is the presence of a subtle, yet pleasant, watermark on the created footage.
Other than those, Muvizu:Play should make you speechless.

Official download site: (29 April 2013)
You have to register before downloading which is of course free.

Version I am using at the moment of writing is v1.0 build:2013.04.18.01R (PC).

CG Gallery

I mess around with those programs when at leisure and come up with something at times.
They are no way professional but if you are interested, welcome to have a peep.

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Mannikins based on Andrew Loomis's
Toon Character based on Charles (Muvizu)

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