A Place to Play

This is a playground for exploration. I fancy of dragon, the majestic beasts that hold power, wisdom and pride. Here, they roam the land of mystical creatures.


BANG!!! A mighty flash traversed trillion light-years. Barely disturbed in His nap, the right corner of His mouth twitched a little smile. He made a note to Himself: a new place to visit by the time His rest was over. He resumed His sleep.

He pondered at a dark cloud of dust. Red flares arose occasionally when tremendous energy signaled its presence. In the swirling chaos, matters drew together hastily. They could not wait for another second of delay to express their potentials. He closed His eyes sending out His mental poke into the forming mass. Ah, a good one! The unimpressive cloud contained such a resourceful diversity of elements. The potential was there, no doubt. But what would come out of it in the end? Only time would tell. It was still in its stage of birth. He blinked out of the scene and attended other matters.

The dull and ugly lump of lava and fire was gone. Time, like a pair of gentle hands soothing a crying newborn, calmed the ferocity of this gem-to-be. Before Him now was a blue pearl twirling gracefully, eager to show off every pretty facet. He sprinkled a fingertipful of life force and rubbed His hands in anticipation.

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