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Pixiu Lord

Pixiu are one of the few great magic-users in Land of the Dragon. They are solitary mountain-dwellers with a territory of tremendous size. Therefore, they are seldom seen.

On first glimpse, if you have the luck to spot one, you might wonder who has left a metal statue in the wilderness. But when it turns to you, you will be struck with fear and awe. They are fearsome-looking beasts that provoke a suppressive effect similar to dragon fear.

Adult pixiu have a hairless body with a strong build. They have an interesting ability of drawing metallic elements from their preys and depositing them onto their bodies. Of which metal they manipulate is an individual's favor. The potency of the result is independent of the metal itself but the proficiency of the beast. The more complete the transformation, the more the skin will resemble the color of the metal. Therefore, you could see them in platinum, gold, silver, bronze or even brass. The skin of the head is however never changed. They are white with different patterns of black to express their individuality.

The pubs are cute little white furry balls. As they mature, the body hairs behind the neck slowly drop. The mane, however, will grow and darken into yellowish, then red. Finally, a fiery flaming flow forms the backdrop to the head.

They have a pair of wings and a powerful long whipping tail. Strikingly long and sharp teeth and claws are expected. One interesting feature is their single horn. Pixiu are a master of mind magic. They work through their horn to cast spell of mesmerization and hypnosis which is vital to their mode of feeding.

Pixiu do not actually eat and do not possess a rear end of their digestive tract. They feed magically. Enhanced by the shimmering wings, they use their mesmerizing spell to paralyze the preys. They then retrieve the life force, essential nutrients and the metallic components of the preys through magic. They seldom kill or drain the preys completely dry. The victims usually scratch their head and feel lost when they wake from the magic but find themselves nothing more than a little weak.

Because of its special function, the horn is believed to be a potent magical artifact through which mighty magic could be executed. It is, however, more than silly and deadly to try to put hand on one.

Pixiu live their life alone except when they try to mate. They will give birth to a single cub. The parents will bring up the child till it could take care of itself. The process might take up to ten years. The cub is not as defensive as the adult because its skin is not magically protected.

As they grow, the skin turns magically metallic. They become almost invulnerable when the protections are fully formed. Another change is in the horn. It grows in segment as the proficiency of magic promotes. Six-segment is a symbol of mastery and a basic requirement for becoming a lord. Although they are solitary and have a huge territory, pixiu have the ability to communicate with telepathy. They are very discipline and have a clear rank society structure. They have a Lord, a sort of king of the clan, which maintains its status till death. By then the circle of six-segment pixiu will compete till a champion is found. An extra segment will grow only by then to symbolize its majesty.

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