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The blue pearl spun and revolved. How many turns? He lost count. Even by looking from a distance, He had already fallen in love with it. It was so beautiful. He could not wait paying a closer encounter.

This was the very first time He set His feet on the planet. He smiled and nodded at Himself. This was indeed a gem! It was not at its ultimate beauty yet. But time would grind and polish it. Material-wise, all the essential ingredients were there and well-balanced. It was time to see how life force had managed.

Life never failed to amaze Him. No matter what the habitat condition was, Life could find a way to cope with it. He had seen so many life-forms beyond imagination. And He expected to see more. He was in no hurry. Usually He would leisurely start with the very microscopic and primitive, tracing the line of evolution. He enjoyed the process, giving an 'ah' or 'oh' at the turning points where Life played an exceptionally good hand. But this time was different. The moment He walked on the planet, He got excited. This fascinating creature of sheer size screamed for attention. It literally stood above all the planetmates. The strength and power were beyond compare. It was the ruler-to-be of the place.

The continuum of existence was delicate, like a dagger balanced on its edge on an interwoven network of spider silk. Threads of Fate gave critical support while finer Threads of Possibility gave supplementary strength. He refrained Himself tempering with Time. And He seldom altered the path of Life. But this time, He met a temptation and a need. He liked the planet and the creature so much but sensed that it was pulled by a Thread of Fate towards destruction. Resolving the dilemma with deep thought and calculation, He weaved a supportive thread. He would make a guardian for this planet. He boosted and equipped this fine beast with wisdom and magic. Although exhausted from the exertion, He was contented. Before He dragged His weary self away for recovery, He turned back one more time and smiled at this
Land of the Dragon.

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