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Fae Queen

In Greystone, there lived a race of Fae. The Fae Kingdom was also known as the City of Arandor. It was a moderate-sized town with a peaceful atmosphere. Situated at a plateau in a high mountain, the town was mainly inhabited by local Fae, with occasional dwarf, elf and human visitors. You could find a few dwarves mingle with local citizens since they were hired there as miners and blacksmiths.

It was a land full of relaxing bird songs and flower scents. A heaven for drunks especially, since you could find a fountain pouring out the famous Fae wine continuously at the Town Square. The Fae Kingdom was a good place for shopping. They sold the Fae daggers and swords. Since Fae was a race of magic, it was one of the few places in Greystone that you could find quite a lot of wonderful magical items for sale.

Because of their nature however, you would find them eyeing you suspiciously if you are neutral or evil in alignment. A few of them pushed a bit further and might attack you.

An unnamed elf thief received a mission to explore the city in details. When he first met the ruler Sylene, Queen of the Fae, he was stunned by her elegance and beauty. And, who wouldn't? It was a pity that the site joined the Defunct Listings in 2005.

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