It is absolutely safe to wander anywhere within this domain. But a direction note could save time and frustration.

This is the portal spot where you could pick a path of interest. Above is the banner that brings you back to the welcome note. Below are the three teleport talismans used to travel between the dimensions of time and space continuum,

(Sojourn, the place where the character Sherilith was born)

Land of the Dragon
(An evolving place which is highly moldable)

Dragon of Fantasy
(Sherilith's some-sort-of e-Shop)

The ultimate goal is to provide a place to gather and share the innocent love of creativity, with a hope that a sense of belonging could build up alongside. The site is always in an infantile state that is eager for new inputs from every aspect. Stories, artworks, insights and opinions from various sources are treasured. With your participation, this place can be and will be more enjoyable.


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